Jennie's Yarn Shop is Medford Oregon's LYS, dedicated to superior, personalized services, local yarns, social stitching, and fun, informational classes.

Below, read about our staff and instructors - the face of Jennie's Yarn Shop!

Jennie DeBunce


Owner, Teacher, Lover of Knit

Jennie has been knitting since the wee age of 5. Her mother taught her everything she knows, and she's tried to put that to good use! Buying the shop and making it her own has been the best thing that's ever happened to her.

Oh, who am I kidding? It's me writing this. Hi! My goal for the shop is to make everyone feel special, cared for, and for everyone to walk away more confident in their handicrafting! I am always happy to talk yarn, or husbands, or wives, or whatever is on your mind. I'm very friendly, ask anyone!

Elizabeth Elder

Bookkeeper, Teacher, Absolutely Wonderful

Liz is the person that makes this whole operation run smoothly. She has knit for years, and worked at another yarn shop before coming to us. She's always available and happy to help if Jennie isn't around for some reason!

Linda Lindsay

Teacher, Bagpipe Player, Basically Awesome

Linda is our resident spinning and weaving instructor! She's the one to come to for questions in those fields. Always with a smile on her face, if you take one of her classes, you'll be sure to be rolling on the floor from a joke at some point!

Janet DeBunce

 Knit-Wit, Momma of the Year, Renegade Knitter

Meet Janet, the woman who taught Jennie all her stuff! Janet can be found most Fridays and Saturdays at the shop, and is always happy to talk, chat, and have a good time. (Yes, she is originally from England, and she gets asked about her accent a lot.)